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The best romantic places to go in the Vendée

Posted the 8 August 2023
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Some of the best romantic places to go to in France are right here in the Vendée! Everything from romantic walks along the pier at sunset, magnificent beaches, and intimate forest setting…. A truly romantic destination just waiting for you!

The “inspiring” blue romantic destinations in the Vendée

vue aérienne estacade saint jean de monts

A romantic place to visit - the Saint Jean de Monts Pier

Fancy a breath of fresh air, while walking hand in hand along the beach at Saint Jean de Monts? You will love this long promenade which extends 440m’s into the sea… nothing but the timeless blue of the sea stretching off into the horizon. One of the romantic hot spots, just perfect for an evening stroll, illuminated by the beauty of the ocean.   

Did you know?

This pier extends over 400 metres into the sea and its construction began in 1963. The aim was to make this resort more appealing and set it apart from its larger neighbouring resorts of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie and Noirmoutier.  Inaugurated in 1967, it is taller than the Eiffel Tower and longer than any other pier on the Atlantic Coast.

estuaire du payré vendée

A natural romantic destination - the Payré estuary in Talmont Saint Hilaire

Here is an exceptional, exclusive, and romantic place for couples, fond of wide-open natural spaces and untamed beauty. When you arrive at the magnificent Veillon beach and its rolling dune, you will get a glimpse of the Saint Nicolas cliffs to the south. They are simply stunning in the setting sun, bathed in crimson colours! A truly romantic spot.

Walk along the beach to the left and you’ll see the estuary. If you follow the estuary through the national forest, you will come to one of the smallest oyster-farming ports in France…. So why not take a well-deserved break and taste some oysters with a view over the oyster beds.

Did you know?

The Saint Nicolas cliffs extend towards Jard sur mer. There is a footpath through the forest which enables hikers to take a beautiful walk whilst observing the fauna and flora that have made this place their home.

bois de la chaise vendée

The best romantic destination at sunset on l’Ile de Noirmoutier  - the Plage des Dames and its beach huts

This pretty, crescent-shaped cove promises an unforgettable romantic moment for two. It is sheltered by meridional species: Arbutus unedo -an evergreen shrub commonly known as the strawberry tree, holm oaks, and mimosas…). The emblematic white beach huts, reminders of early 19th century sea bathing, make this spot unique. Its delightful charm will prove that it is “an ever so romantic place to visit”! With whom or what did you fall in love with first?...    

Did you know?

This beach was named after the elegant women who arrived at this beautiful spot from the mainland via the nearby jetty during the early 19th century. The distinctive beach huts blend perfectly into this romantic, magical setting and have been handed down from generation to generation. A privilege that makes this place so special.  

The romantic and enchanting green places to visit in the Vendée  


maison de la rivière vendée

All abroad for a romantic cocktail at La Maison de la Riviere in Saint Georges de Montaigu

A romantic way to surprise your partner and offer him or her a unique moment. Opt for an on-board aperitif (cocktail) at La Maison de la Riviere. You can hire a boat for an unusual and romantic outing. Cruise along the river and sample some local produce, you will undoubtedly make a lasting impression with the most inventive and romantic moment ever…. cheers! 

Did you know?

The Maison de la Riviere offers various activities, in addition to romantic boat trips: there are indoor and outdoor exhibitions (renewed each year) covering different themes, a new treasure hunt in 2022 called “SOS infernal Machine! ”  and a treetop dinner for the more adventurous …a site to be discovered with the family or as a couple.

lieux romantique vendée

A romantic place to visit, the tower of the Melusine fairy in Vouvant

You will undoubtedly fall under the charm of the romantic destination of  Vouvant, labelled as a “Petite Cîté de Caractère” and awarded the title of  “Plus Beau village de France” (one of the most beautiful village in France). From the top of the Tour Mélunsine, which stands 45 metres high, you can enjoy an exceptional panoramic view: the verdant green of the Mervent-Vouvant forest really contrasts with the ochre-coloured stones of the medieval town, and the blue of the 2 rivers surrounding the village: La Mère and la Vendée.  You can ask for the keys of the Mélusine tower at the Tourist office (from Easter to All Saint’s Day). In this truly charming setting, you will be able to plan a romantic ‘’tête à tête’’ with a little touch of mystery…

Did you know?

This tower is related to the romantic legend of the Mélusine Fairy, who was imprisoned here because she was cursed. And every Saturday, she turned into a snake from her navel right down to her feet.  To break the curse, she needed to find a man to marry her. She is also said to be a fairy who built castles, abbeys, and churches during the night.

Hiking Chaos de Piquet Yon Valley La Roche sur Yon Vendee

One of the best romantic places in the Yon Valley - Le Chaos de Piquet

Le Chaos de Piquet is one of the sites in the Vendée that you need to visit, especially if you are in love! It is situated in the depths of the Yon Valley in Le Tablier community. A truly romantic and simply magical place! Here, the River Yon is turbulent, flowing rapidly among the large round blocks of granite, shaped by erosion. Nature is preserved here as this valley is listed as a protected natural site. A romantic destination where you can stroll hand in hand along the river, before arriving at an old spinning mill, dating from 1861. This mill was powered by a paddle wheel and was in operation for 10 years. An idyllic setting for a romantic picnic! 

Did you know?

The large granite blocks, rounded by river erosion are called « Garguantua’s cooking pots” making this place a little magical….


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