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Heritage lovers

In the footsteps of Georges Clemenceau

Do you really know the story of Georges Clemenceau? Let's discover this famous man.

Born on 28 September 1841 in the Vendée in the small commune of Mouilleron en Pareds, this Vendéen with an atypical career reveals all his secrets thanks to a heritage trail: "Clemenceau's Vendée". Visit the emblematic places of his life and his political actions.

Musée de Georges Clemenceau
Maison natale de Georges ClémenceauMusée de Georges Clemenceau

A national museum in the birthplace of Georges Clemenceau in Mouilleron Saint Germain

This home-museum preserves the feel and memory of the place and shows the life of this man of ideas who marked the History of France with his thoughts and actions. The museographical project offers a pleasant and user-friendly experience through a variety of settings and a range of diverse and fun tools using new technologies. Clemenceau is presented in his century but also in the modernity of his ideas and actions. The visit shows many facets going beyond the traditional image of Père la Victoire (Father of the Victory). This museum Clemenceau-De Lattre is composed of two of the houses he lived in. La rue du temple is the link between the two properties, both of which have been called “Maison des Illustres” (House of the Illustrious).

Discover the national museum of Georges Clemenceau

Maison et jardins de Georges Clemenceau à Saint Vincent sur Jard

George Clemenceau's house in Saint Vincent sur Jard

This is the holiday home where Georges Clemenceau lived his last ten years. Since January 1, 2018, a new application of virtual reality implemented by the company SKYBOY allows the visitor to be immersed in a narration which takes place wherever they are and 360° around them where reality and virtual reality are perfectly superimposed. Each visitor can discover the private life of Georges Clemenceau on smartphones and tablets and relive scenes from the daily life of the Tiger. The application, downloadable for free on Google Play and Apple Store, is available in English and French. Tablets with the preloaded application are available for rent on site.

Discover the George Clemenceau's house

Did you know that?

The Poilus Memorial in Sainte Hermine was created by François Sicard, a renowned sculptor and friend of Georges Clemenceau. This sculptor had already carved several busts in the effigy of Clemenceau.

The Vendée Departmental Council has unveiled a brand tour of eight communes across the department, paying homage to Georges Clemenceau’s life andachievements.

  • Museum at Georges Clemenceau’s birthplace (Mouilleron Saint Germain)
  • Château de l’Aubraie, the Clemenceau family residence (La Réorthe)
  • Clemenceau’s writing retreat (Saint Vincent sur Jard)
  • First World War memorial (Sainte Hermine)
  • Clemenceau’s and his father’s tombs (Mouchamps)
  • The Stele of Reconciliation (La Roche sur Yon)
  • Water tower – a symbol of modernity (Luçon)
  • Hospital opened by Clemenceau (Montaigu)