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The Vendée’s Oyster route – a real eye opener

One of the joys of a seaside holiday is enjoying the delights that the sea has to offer which include its seafood! To enjoy this salty experience and taste the Vendée’s oysters, why not try out the oyster route. An authentic and local taste awaits you, accompanied by oyster farmers, with a deep passion for their profession. So stop off at their small cabins that trace this oyster route, where you can taste some oysters accompanied by a good glass of white wine.

Over nearly 80 km of coastline stretching from the Loire estuary to the Baie de l'Aiguillon, over 13,000 tonnes of shellfish are produced each year. Now there are four shellfish basins that contribute to this production: Bourgneuf Bay, L’Ile de Noirmoutier, La Gachère and the Payré estuary, as well as the Lay estuary in the Aiguillon Bay.

Welcome to the land of the Vendée Atlantique Oysters!

Between marshes and ocean, let yourself be guided on this true initiatory journey. Here you will discover how the oyster grows and develops. As well as how it acquires this unique character which is renown and highly appreciated all over the world. So, what exactly are the different appellations, the sizes…

Starting at their workplace, the oyster farmers introduce you to their profession, a "savoir-faire" passed down from generation to generation. They will help you to understand all the elements of this demanding profession.

Working in oyster beds means submitting to the hazards of nature, to the rhythm of the seasons and the tides.

The visit ends with a friendly exchange and tasting a few oysters.

In Vendée, discover the Oyster Route in 5 stages.

31 Port des Brochets - BOUIN
Tel.: +33 (0)2 51 68 84 23 -

Jean-Louis LHERIAU
Port du Bec, 3ème pont face à la 1ère éolienne
4ème établissement à gauche - BEAUVOIR SUR MER
Tel.: +33 (0)2 51 68 72 62 ou +33 (0)6 08 03 55 34 -

Chemin des ostréiculteurs
Fromentine - LA BARRE DE MONTS
Tel.:+33 (0)2 51 68 51 97 -

Le port de la Guittière - TALMONT SAINT HILAIRE
Tél.: +33 (0)2 51 20 74 85 -

Grégory GAUDIN
Route de la Pointe - L'AIGUILLON SUR MER
Tel.: +33 (0)2 51 28 21 47 ou 06 60 33 47 74

On the programme: A visit of the “claires” (these are clay basins which fill up with the rising tide and conserve water when the sea recedes), discover of the refining basins, the everyday work of the establishment, tastings, exhibition.


The visit lasts between 1h30 and 2h. Remember to book.

huitres vendee atlantique ostréiculture
huitres vendee atlantique ostréiculturehuitres vendee atlantique ostréiculture