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Pet friendly

Dog friendly beaches, a "bone"us for your holiday in the Vendée

The Vendée’s dog friendly beaches are dotted along 240 kilometres of coastline. Perfect for going walkies and spending time with your four-legged friend. Some dog friendly beaches may have certain restrictions during the summer season, so it’s wise to check with the local tourist office.  

Did you know that in the Vendée, many beaches are dog friendly? Which is not the case everywhere! Naturally, there are a few rules and regulations to consider, so that everyone has their own space.

During the summer season some beaches may have restrictions on dogs. This can mean for example that your furry friend is not allowed on the beach during bathing times.  However, it is possible to go for walkies before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. or when the tide has gone out. Nevertheless, dogs need to be kept on a lead and are prohibited from swimming. Also, don’ forget to bring a little bag or two, to clean up after your four-legged friend. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying a fine for dog fouling and could pay up to several hundred euros!

Only, the town council of a holiday resort can impose restrictions and authorise (by decree) a dog ban on their beaches. Generally, there are signposts at the entrance to the beaches, which indicate if animals are allowed. However, in the case of non-compliance with this rule, it could cost you 11€!

Our advice

Before leaving, it is better to contact the local Tourist Office or the town hall to establish the dog friendly beaches.

>> Search Tourist Offices in the Vendée

To help you prepare your visit and add just another good reason to bring your faithful friends on a dog friendly holiday to the Vendée:  we have compiled a list of 20 dog friendly beaches where you can both enjoy the fresh sea air!

- Plage des Régates
- Plage du Murier

- Plage du Petit Sochard
- Plage de la Tonnelle
- Plage de la Parée du Jonc
- Plage de la Davière

- Plage du Petit Pont
- Crique de la Sauzaie

- Plage Corps des Gardes
- Plage de Sainte Anne
- Plage de Génerelles
- Plage du Phare
- Plage Flandre Dunkerque
- Plage Camélias
- Plage Clemenceau
- Plage de la Terrière
- Plage de l'Océan
- Plage l'Atlantique
- Plage les Acacias
- Plage des Bouchots - Grière-Plage

- Plage de la Grande Casse
- Plage des Amourettes
- Plage des Naturistes
- Grand'Plage (outside designated bathing areas)
- Plage des Bélugas (outside designated bathing areas)
- Plage des Chardons (outside designated bathing areas)
- Plage de la Barrique (outside designated bathing areas)

- Plage de l'Oasis
- Plage de l'Éperon