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Vendée Wine Route

Fiefs Vendéens wine estates of Mareuil

The "Fiefs Vendéens" appellation of Mareuil covers 330 hectares. It extends over the communes of Chaillé sous les Ormeaux, Champ Saint Père, Château Guibert, Couture, Mareuil sur Lay Dissais, Rosnay, Saint Florent des Bois and Le Tablier.

Located south of La Roche sur Yon, the Fiefs Vendéens of Mareuil, grows on schist soils, and is known as the land of reds and rosés, that are rich and full of character. Not forgetting a few more confidential whites.

Cabernet, Gamay or Pinot noir, the dominant grape varieties, provide drinkable wines with a fruity nose and often a remarkable blackcurrant aroma. The blend of Chenin and Chardonnay produces white wines with good structure.

The Château de Rosnay estate – structured and original wines

The history of  Château de Rosnay began in 1948 when Gabriel and his son Gilles acquire the property and its vineyards. Since 1860, most of the wine produced by the Rosnay vines had already been collected by the previous owners. 

The combined efforts from father to son has made it possible to develop wines of great renown, that won the first gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris. Today with an estate of 85 hectares, Christian and his son Olivier, create structured and original wines that respect their terroir.

Domaine de la Charmille – south facing vineyard with a breath taking panoramic view

The Domaine de la Charmille, at Audérie de Rosnay, was created in 1991 by Philbert Lebeau. Planted over 8.5 hectares of generous terroirs, it is protected from the north winds by a wood of chestnut trees. The vineyard is exposed mainly to the south, and offers a breath-taking panoramic view of the Luçon plain.

Macquigneau-Brisson vineyard  - two individual wine estates

Overlooking the town of Rosnay, the Macquigneau-Brisson vineyard was the result of the merger of two wine estates in 2004. On the one hand, the Domaine de la Vieille Riboulerie which covers 16 hectares was bought by Hubert and Michelle Macquigneau in 1976. And on the other hand, the Domaine de la Vrignaie, operated by Daniel and Lydia Brisson is 4 generations old. It occupies 24 hectares planted in two neighbouring towns: Rosnay and Le Tablier.

Clos des Chaumes vineyard – preserving a rich family heritage

The Clos des Chaumes vineyard has been passed down from generation to generation. In 1955, Fabien Murail's grandfather, René Crépeau began a wine business by planting 1 hectare of vines. Then, his father, Gustave Murail increased the wine-growing area to 11 hectares with mainly Rosé and Red grape varieties. Fabien Murail has been working for 10 years to preserve and enrich the family heritage. Today, he has introduced an 18-hectare area of new white grape varieties. (Chenin - Chardonnay).

Domaine Mourat à Mareuil sur Lay

Les Vignobles Mourat an impressive 165 hectares estate in Mareuil

In 1970, Jean Mourat laid the visionary foundations for a wine estate that was both respectful of its Vendean cultural heritage and that looked towards the future. His son, Jérémie, joined him in 1999 to preserve this fascinating adventure. Their philosophy: respect for an atypical terroir associated with a permanent search for the true taste of the grape variety.

Today, 165 hectares of vines are planted on the hillsides in the Fiefs Vendéen Mareuil, overlooking the Lay valley.

Les Vignobles Mourat operate 3 estates, 2 of which are organically grown, at the intersection of 3 different ecosystems: the Marais poitevin (wetlands), the Armorican massif and the Luçon plain. The wines are modern and well-balanced : an obvious fruit, easy on the palette, gourmet, as well as being great local wines, that ages well and that will enhance many dishes. A “Cave”dug into clay, was specially dedicated to organically grown wines and inaugurated with the 2013 harvest.

Domaine de la Gracière – sharing tips and advice with visitors

The Domaine de la Gracière, created by Guy Ordronneau in 1988 is located in the town of Château-Guibert, near Mareuil sur Lay. In 2006, accompanied by his daughter Marina, the farm became a family business. Joining forces, they develop and become committed to the AOC process, to transform the 17 hectares vineyard into the "Fiefs Vendéens" appellation. Their wines are sold mainly in the cave, where they provide advice and information on the food-wine pairing.

Domaine de Pierre Folle  - 4 generation of family knowledge

The Domaine de Pierre Folle located in Rosnay was founded by Louis Brunier in 1937. It was developed by his son Guy, from the 60s, and then his granddaughter Maguy with her husband Jean-François Tessier in the 90s. Today, this 4th generation family estate will be operated by François Tessier Brunier. Currently, the estate has 39 hectares of vines.