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Vendée Wine Route

Local Craft beers, unexpected pride of the Vendée

Beer production has become another important asset in the region over the last 20 odd years. Many of these local French beers have received National rewards, medals, and acclaim throughout the entire country. Many are craft beers produced using organic methods and innovative recipes. Well worth tasting, but with moderation and “just for the pleasure”!  The Vendée doesn’t just make wine and will not cease to surprise you.

Here is a selection of local craft beer breweries in Vendée. They compete for ideas to offer beers of various different kinds and with a multitude of flavours...

Bière mélusine

Breweries of the Bocage, some French beer brands:

Brasserie Mélusine – 16 different melusine beers made with traditional values

Founded in 2001, the Brasserie Mélusine was the first brewery in the Vendée. It is situated in Chambretaud, just a stone's throw from Puy du Fou. Since 2005, Laurent Boiteau took over this independent brewery, where respecting the traditional values for the manufacture was of major importance. This was a product without additives, colouring nor extracts, values that Laurent Boiteau has stuck by. All the beers components are 100% natural.  

The Mélusine currently brews 8,000 litres of beer per day, soon thanks to a huge investment, it will reach 16,000 litres per day! The Brasserie Mélusine offers more than 16 different beers, ranging from:

  • Love and Flowers (organic white beer with rose petals at 4° 2),
  • Hellfest (India pale Ale, raw hopped at 6 ° 6) or even
  • Marshall (triple beer at 8 ° 6),
  • an organic range
  • a conventional range.

The Mélusine fabric had already received a silver medal in 2013, followed by a gold and silver medal in 2018. Then, in 2020 at the Agricultural Show, Laurent Boiteau’s work was rewarded once again when two of his beers obtained two medals at the Concours Général Agricole (read the article). This factor was enough to boost Mélusine beer sales:

  • La Barbe Bleue : Bronze medal,
  • La Love and Flowers : Bronze medal.

Mélusine beer Tasting throught out the year, Monday to Friday, 2 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Did you know?

In 2019, Brasserie Mélusine is the first brewery in the Loire region to be awarded the “Independent Brewer” label. This label promotes the expertise of independent brewers, informs consumers about the origin and the natural aspects of their beers. It is also a guarantee of quality, authenticity, and transparency for the consumer.

Brasserie Mélusine - ZA La Barboire - CHAMBRETAUD - Tel.: +33 (0)2 51 61 51 52 -

Bière la muse

The Muette farm brewery – local French beers with national acclaim

Since 2014 the Muette brewery is located in the barn of the family farm, when Maxime Tripoteau decided to brew his own beer and was successful in doing so.

After a year of operating, Maxime presents his beers at the Concours Général Agricole. He is awarded 2 medals, gold and bronze for his Blonde beer and Bocage Pale-ale. Such a success had not been seen at the Concours Général for a very long time. This earned him the recognition of his peers who encourage him to continue on this path.

In 2016, he obtained bronze for his blonde beer and silver for the "Milk Stout".

In 2017, new award for La Musse Triple Hops. After a Silver medal at the Agricultural Show, La Musse returns from the national beer competition (French Brewery Museum) with a Silver Fourquet! (In the Hoppy category).

Then again in 2017, this family brewery sow and produce malt for their beer, the "Malt made in Vendée" was born!

You can "Buy Direct" and try out the brewery’s beer tasting bar: Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Brewery visits, by reservation, every Saturday at 4.30 p.m.

Ferme Brasserie La Muette - D949 bis, lieu-dit la Muette - BAZOGES EN PAREDS - Tel.: +33 (0)2 52 65 01 22 -

Brasserie du Grand Zig aux Herbiers

La Brasserie du Grand Zig a local French beer for sharing

La Brasserie du Grand Zig was launched in 2017 by Alexandre Blanchouin, in Les Herbiers. His idea was simple: a taste and sharing it.
The Brasserie du Grand Zig offers two different ranges of French beer. Their permanent range is made up of five references:

  • God save the Pale Ale,
  • Stout ou rien,
  • Malte counts triple,
  • Wheat will rock you,
  • Top of the Hop.

The other temporary reference consists of a single Extra Hoppy Stout.

Brasserie du Grand Zig - 17 rue du Guichet - LES HERBIERS - Tel.: +33(0)6 50 27 90 39

La Brasserie des Maines – one of the regions local craft beer

Florent Durand began to brew his own beer in 2018, converting his garage into a brewery. He has created a new craft beer called “La digue du Q” which is produced from an almost entirely organic recipe.
Florent’ brewery « La Brasserie des Maines » at Saint Georges de Montaigu, offers 5 references of his craft beer, La Digue du Q : blonde, amber, IPA, white and porter beer.

Brasserie des Maines - 1 rue des Maines - SAINT GEORGES DE MONTAIGU - Tel.: +33 (0)6 22 16 33 80

Brasserie La Louette, Les Herbiers

La Brasserie la Louette - local French craft beers with a distinct malt fullness

La Louette brewery’s organic craft beers, are renowned for their fullness, sweetness, and their dominant malt flavour. The brewery’s aim is to provide locally produced beers "made in Les Herbiers" from 100% raw materials obtained from organic farming.
The Brasserie offers a permanent range of beers: blond, amber, triple, stout, white and IPA. As well as limited or specific brews based on various ingredients (spices, aromatic...) produced locally.

Brasserie La Louette, 47bis Rue Denis Papin - LES HERBIERS - Tel.: +33 (0)6 86 24 57 05

The Vendée’s coastal French beer breweries

La Brasserie la Cabaude 8 varities of  local French beer

Olivier Balaresque, a former truck driver, decided to create his brewery in 2014 after a career change. He began his production in 2015 when he moved to a Business Incubator in Olonne sur Mer. Enthusiastic and passionate, Olivier’s, main objective is to brew and produce his own French beer. Little by little he began to make himself known to various artisans, producers, retailers as well as local markets. He has gradually developed 8 beers: white, triple, blonde, brown, red ale. With multiple flavours, there is a local French beer to suit everyone.

Brasserie La Cabaude - Pépinière d'entreprise - Atelier n°9 - Allée Titouan-Lamazou - OLONNE SUR MER - Tel.: +33 (0)9 86 26 85 32

Bière la Cabaude
Bière artisanale Les Islattes

La Brasserie des Islattes – "La Jardaise" a local French beer

Bernard Jarverliat, a former computer engineer has been brewing beer for 5 years, a local French beer lover qualifying as a beer brewer just for the pleasure. Then in 2015, he and a wine merchant friend decided to produce beer "made in Jard sur Mer". They tested their idea with just 400 bottles of beer, which sold very quickly. From that moment the concept was developed and in 2016 the Jardaise beer was born, selling nearly 4,500 bottles. By 2018, production had grown to reach 10,000 bottles. Since then, this local French beer has only been sold in local shops, bars, and restaurants in Jard sur Mer, Saint Vincent sur Jard and in Les Sables d'Olonne. These local venders welcome him with open arms!

The brewery offers 9 different beers under the name of "La Jardaise":

  • the Jardaise season,
  • Jardaise,
  • Jardaise foam,
  • Jardaise amber,
  • JPA Jard Pale Ale,
  • Abbaye de Lieu-Dieu (blond beer),
  • La Fine Fleur Jardaise,
  • Jardaise de Printemps,
  • Abbaye de Lieu-Dieu (amber beer.)

Brasserie des Islattes - 54 rue du Fief l'Abesses - JARD SUR MER - Tel.: +33 (0)6 03 01 61 77 -

Brasserie La Petite Ramonière à Notre Dame de Monts

La Brasserie La Petite Ramonière local beers born in the Breton Marshes

The Brasserie La Petite Ramonière was born in 2014 in the heart of the Breton marshes in Notre Dame de Monts. The Brasserie offers two ranges of local French beer. The first selection has 5 different French beers available on a permanent basis, and the second range is made up of 4 seasonal beers. The brewers have chosen to give bird names to their beers because the marshes have a very rich diversity of bird species living there: The Avocet, the Blue Throat, the Scoter...

Concerned about the environment, the brewer pays particular attention to the energy consumed during their production methods. Incidentally, the bottles are refundable.

Brasserie La Petite Ramonière - La Petite Ramonière - NOTRE DAME DE MONTS - Tel.: +33 (0)6 51 05 21 61

La Brasserie les Fous Brassants – the French beer brands of Ile d’Yeu

Open since July 2019, the Brasserie Les Fous Brassants is located in the centre of Ile d'Yeu.  Les Fous Brassants brewery is inspired by the North American breweries set-up, in that you can taste your local beer while keeping an eye on the brewing area and its tanks. At the moment, Les Fous Brassants brewery serves six different local beers: La Queue Jeanne, L'Appât, La Yeu Pa, FB Blonde, Christmas beer and other special beers.
In 2020, they had several new projects: the installation of a cold room, the creation of new varieties of beers, the marketing of homemade lemonades and ginger beer, as well as visits to the brewery... The owners Angèle Bertrand and Rémi Augereau are full of surprises!

Brasserie Les Fous Brassants - 21 routes des Roches Cougneres - 85350 L'île d'Yeu - Tél. : 06 26 74 19 71 -

La Brasserie Les Chats Noirs – the merger of two French beer brands in Landeronde

Established in 2018, the Brasserie les Chats Noirs is the result of the merger of two micro-breweries. Rodolphe Giquel had created his craft beer brewery "Le Garage à Bulles" at the Chapelle Achard. As for Simon Lory, he started brewing a few years ago, before launching his micro-business, "La Dérive" in 2017. In April 2018, the two friends decided to join forces, creating a common brewery "Les Chats Noirs". Today, they have premises of 270m², four fermenters, each of 1000 litres, three brewing tanks and a cold room.

The local beer menu is exclusively house recipes, such as "French", "Blanc gingembre" or "Porter".

Brasserie Les Chats Noirs - zone artisanale la Grolle - LANDERONDE - Tel.: +33 (0)6 47 67 65 11

Brasserie Les Chats Noirs à Landeronde
Brasserie Les Brasseurs de la Vie à Saint Gilles Croix de Vie

La Brasserie Les Brasseurs de la Vie – a local French beer a perfect holiday souvenir!

A taste for French beer, a love of their region, a desire to share and their willingness to take responsible approach, the ideals that welcome you to the Brasserie de la Vie! A well thought out project which was created by Caroline Thomas. She realises that tourists love to bring home a local product or souvenir from their holidays. It is for one of these reasons, that she began her production of local beers. Over a two-year period, mother and son have developed several recipes. These include a rather spicy white beer without hops but with extracts of orange peel and elderflower, as well as a brown with a more roasted taste.

The range and recipes are already developed with symbolic features from in and around Saint Gilles Croix de Vie such as: Les Terres Noires, Joséphine, La Grosse Terre, Le Trou du Diable... The Brasserie Les Brasseurs de la Vie organises visits with beer tasting, on Friday evenings from 6 p.m.

For all beer lovers, the brewery also organises brewing workshops where you can learn how to make, taste, and bottle your own craft beer.

Enjoy an interesting experience with friends, family, work colleagues or even on your own. Here you spend an enjoyable moment learning , tasting , and exchanging views with big-hearted brewers. (Brewing workshops by reservation only).

Brasserie Les Brasseurs de la Vie - 50 rue des Couvreurs - SAINT GILLES CROIX DE VIE - Tel.: +33 (0)2 51 55 04 75 -

Brasserie Opé aux Sables d'Olonne

La Brasserie Opé – an environmental approach used to produce local French beer

The Brasserie Opé, was launched by Pierre Brodu in 2017. This young entrepreneur, aware of environmental issues decided to reduce his waste production by setting up a system of refundable money back bottles. He also uses an efficient and automated heating system, powered by green electricity to reduce his environmental impact.

The Brasserie offers a range of four beer varieties: Wheat Ale, Summer Ale, India Pale Ale and Stout

At the 2020 Agricultural Show, Brasserie Opé wins 1 medal:

  • Stout beer: Gold medal.

La Brasserie Opé - 28 Ter Allée Alain Gautier - LES SABLES D'OLONNE - Tel.: +33 (0) 6 71 20 19 45 -

La Brasserie La N'O – the first French beer produced on L’ile de Noirmoutier

La N'O beer is the first French beer to be imagined, brewed, and bottled on the L’ile de Noirmoutier. This local beer is produced in La Guérinière by two friends, Éric Frioux and François Nicoux. The brewery was born, from a desire to create something unique, full of flavour, something that can be shared on land, at sea, in the sun or even if it rains.

The N'O French beer is available in six shades: the N'O blonde Triple Hops, the N'O Noirmoutrine, the N'O blanche, the N'O ambrée, the Jouzel and the Cascadeuse.

Brasserie, La N'O - 12 rue de Tranchard - Zone Artisanle des Mandeliers - LA GUERINIÈRE - Tel.: +33 (0)2 51 60 40 12

Brasserie La Cibulle à Maillé

Breweries in Southern Vendée more distinctive local beers  

La Brasserie La Cibulle a craft beer brewery in the heart of the Marais poitevin

Maxime Bonnin's craft beer brewery La Cibulle, is in the heart of the Marais poitevin. Since September 2014, Maxime has wanted to create his own local beer brand. In 2016 the brewery purchased a brand new 1,000-litre production tool and new premises totally refurbished in the colours of La  Cibulle. The Brasserie offers a range of 6 varieties of craft beers made with authentic ingredients, to refresh you on those hot summer days: the Original, the Single Hop, the American Amber, the white beer, the Abbey of Nieul sur l'Autise and the Abbey of Maillezais.

The breweries American Amber beer won the first prize at the Bier Fest in Nantes and a Gold medal at the Salon de l'Agriculture.

La Cibulle also organises tours and beer tasting, with the purpose of introducing amateurs and professionals to craft beer and his production methods.

Brasserie La Cibulle - 7 rue de la Poste - MAILLÉ - Tel.: +33 (0)2 51 00 39 74 -

Brasserie du Marsouin à Brétignolles sur Mer

La Brasserie du Marsouin a micro-brewery creating full-bodied French beer 

The Brasserie du Marsouin is an artisanal, micro-brewery established in Brétignolles sur Mer, since July 2019. Frédéric, had developed a particular interest in certain types of beers, which encouraged him to pursue the path a little further. His new adventure was that of creativity and sharing.

The Marsouin brewery offers about ten French beers, from white/ light and full-bodied blondes, amber beers, different IPAs, brown ales, and Christmas beer. These beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized and refermented in bottles, without additives or preservatives.

Brasserie du Marsouin - Zone Artisanale du Peuple - 21 rue Gutenberg - BRÉTIGNOLLES SUR MER - Tel.: +33 (0)6 06 40 83 68 -

Brasserie La Coopine offers a wide range of organic local beers

In Southern Vendée, La Coopine brewery offers artisanal and organic local beers. At the origin of this brewery project was Adrien and Jean-Claude. These local beers are made as simply as possible without additives, without pasteurisation and filtration.

The Brasserie La Coopine, in Luçon offers a range of organic beers: blond, amber, and seasonal beers. So, if you are thirsty for authenticity?

Brasserie La Coopine - 11 route de Sainte-Gemme - LUCON

French beer Breweries in La Roche sur Yon and surrounding area:

La Brasserie Beer workshop appreciate real craft beers in a friendly place

Jonathan Teillet and Olivier Vallée have two passions: beer and sport. So they decided to create their own brewery. These two brewers, wanted to offer real craft beers, in a friendly place where other beer amateurs could appreciate their flavours.

Beer Workshop offers four beers served throughout the year and a 5th creative French beer occasionally on offer, just to vary the pleasure!

Brasserie Beer Workshop - 36 rue de Montréal - LA ROCHE SUR YON - Tel.: +33 (0)2 51 34 04 83 -

La Brasserie Les Coureurs de lune offers 3 different local French beers

François-Xavier Doll, a former salesman, decided when he was 30, to make and sell his own local beer. His passion for beer began in Quebec. Once back in France, he trained to become a brewer at the University of La Rochelle. He then worked on his beer recipes over the next 4 years.

The Brasserie Les Coureurs de Lune offers a range with three different beers: a white beer, a peat and a Rye pale ale.

Brasserie Les Coureurs de Lune - rue des Hirondelles - Zone Artisanale de la Colonne - LE POIRÉ SUR VIE - Tel.: +33 (0)6 27 25 38 45 -

Brasserie Les Coureurs de Lune au Poiré sur Vie

Inland coastal Breweries:

La Brasserie Garatelle local French beers made using the Isobar process

After a professional career change, Alain Taupin decided to become an artisanal brewer. The Garatelle brewery offers traditional local beers made without spices nor flavourings. There are 5 French beers available: blonde, white, amber as well as an alternative golden and red ale depending on the season. All beers are organic and made using the Isobar process.

Brasserie Garatelle - 10 rue de la Nouette - VAIRE - Tel.: +33(0)6 10 48 13 14


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, drink with moderation!