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The Vendée's climate perfect in all "sea"sons

The Vendée is an ideal destination for a short break or a family holiday. Its micro-climate provides on average nearly 2500 hours of sunshine per year. Even outside the peak season temperatures remain very pleasant.

The Vendée’s micro-climate

The Vendée has an ideal climate throughout the entire year. With temperature rising during the summer, it is an ideal place to spend your holiday. The peak holiday period is of course in July and August which makes certain areas busy with popular seaside resort. However, outside this main holiday time the Vendée has lots to offer.  During the low season, in the autumn, in the springtime or even in the winter months you can experience the Vendée in a completely different way.  

The Summer …tis the sea-son!

The Vendée has what is called a micro-climate making it one of the sunniest places in France. With an average of nearly 2500 hours of sunshine per year, it is a perfect holiday destination. Between June and September temperature are generally in the 20°C, but in July and August it is hotter, rising to 25°C or more. They are also the dries months of the summer. Nevertheless, summer temperatures are usually quite comfortable and rarely get too hot. The occasional heatwave can see temperature rising into the 30’s. Days in peak season can enjoy an average of up to 9 hours sunshine.

The Autumn months – a more peaceful relaxing time

Autumn can be an ideal time to visit the Vendée as there is still plenty of good weather, with what we could call an "Indian summer".  An ideal time as the summer crowds have gone home, making the atmosphere much more "tranquil". Average temperatures in September reach the 20°C and rain is not unusual. October often maintains pleasant temperatures below the 20 degrees, and the evenings start to get a little fresher. Rain can become more frequent.

November can be one of the wettest months of this season and temperatures can drop into single figures.

A winter break by the sea…..refreshing and invigorating!

The winter months are generally the coldest but will not drop to extreme temperatures, especially in the coastal regions. Temperatures stay around the 5°C, but frost and snow are not uncommon in certain inland regions.

"Spring" into the Vendée  - hop, skip and a jump

As the spring approaches, the cold winter weather gradually invites the warmer summer days to return. Average temperature in March can stay quite cool around 8°, April begins to heat up to 10-15 ° and by the month of May temperatures can reach into the high teens. April and May can enjoy excellent warm weather... a good period for a refreshing "early" visit before the summer crowds.

Depending on the type of holiday you are looking for, the Vendée is easy to visit throughout the year. The ever-changing seasons provide a vast palette of colours, where the Vendée presents its many other facets...

School holiday periods in France

French school holidays are generally around the same time as other neighbouring countries of time with the main "Grandes Vacances" being in July and August.

July is a popular time to take holidays, as many children have finished school and prices are normally slightly cheaper, so it can be busy but not necessarily too crowded. August can be a busy period as many companies in France close for the entire month and employees must take their holidays at the same time.

Schools generally finish for the summer at the end of June and the new term begins again in September.  

Outside the summer period, the other holidays such as October, February and Easter are generally staggered between different "zones". This means that not everyone is on holiday at the same time.

These out of season dates, can be an ideal moment for a short break especially for families with young children or couples looking for a more relaxing time.