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Local food and celebrity Chefs

Popular French food “made in the Vendée”

French food contains many local specialties depending on the region. The Vendée is no exception to this rule.The Vendée offers a range of innovative and traditional foods born from the land and the sea. With marine infused flavours from the coast, seafood takes pride of place on diners' plates. Traditional celebrations can sometimes introduce us to some of these delightful foods. The famous mogette de Vendée, the popular préfou, the delicious sardines, or the excellent moules de bouchot... And for dessert why not sample the Vendée famous brioche or prune tart. Exceptional foodie experiences!

brioche vendee label rouge

The Brioche Vendéenne

The Brioches and Gâches "made in the Vendée" have a long history. These regional specialities have their own distinct identity - rich and dense, or soft and sweet. Both are equally delicious - c’est de la gourmandise!    

huitres vendee atlantique ostréiculture

Vendée Atlantique oysters

Oysters are a speciality in the Vendée since the 18th century. Vendée Atlantique is the name given to the popular variety of the oyster farmed along the coastline. To discover these famous oysters, why not try out the Vendée Atlantique Oyster Route ? A journey over 80km. An invigorating salty experience.

sardines vendee saint gilles croix de vie

Sardines from Saint Gilles Croix de Vie

Sardines and Saint Gilles Croix de Vie have been close friends for centuries. This little blue fish is the local star and an important part of the town traditions.

marais salant ile de noirmoutier saunier fleur de sel

Fleur de sel, white gold

The Vendée have been harvesting fleur de sel since medieval ages.  A precious “white gold “which is still being collect in the same traditional way. 

moules vendee

Bouchot mussels

Mussels are a speciality of the Vendée , especially those called les moules de Bouchot farmed in the Bay de L’Aiguillon. These small, plump mussels grow in the sea using an intertidal technique. They grow on a rope tied in a spiral around a “piling” or a  pole planted into the sea bed.  

Préfou vendéen

Le Préfou, the Vendée’s garlic bread

The Préfou today is often served as a starter or with an aperitif but its origin is rather an unusual story. 

jambon mogettes plat traditionnel vendée

The Mogette and the 3rd most popular French ham

The Mogette de Vendée and the traditional Jambon de Vendée are a delicious combination well appreciated by the local population and better known as “jambon mogette”.

Foie Gras

Challans ducks, chickens, and foie gras: a renowned “savoir faire”

The Vendée is a region renowned for poultry farming, and especially for the traditional chickens and ducks breed at Challans

Plat de pomme de terre bonnotte

La Bonnotte potato from Noirmoutier

The Bonnotte potato from Noirmoutier is a delicious rarity with only 80 tonnes harvested each year. This small golden potato has an incredible reputation amongst countless top chefs. Listed on the inventory of the world potato varieties as “Bonnotte de Noirmoutier”!  

poissons fruits de mer vendée

The Vendée is so“fish”ticated !

The Vendée is a seafood lovers paradise with a variety of fish with every change in the season. A bewildering choice of shellfish will make your choice a difficult one, lobster’s, prawns squid ….so why not try them all… 

Évènement les Dîners Toqués aux Sables d'Olonne

French regional desserts

French pastries and especially those made in the Vendée are a “must try” thing on your holiday list. Many of these traditional recipes are still very present for family celebrations.  Mouth-watering and yummy!